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Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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Brazilian Psychiatric Association Consensus for the Management of Acute Intoxication. General management and specific interventions for drugs of abuse

Leonardo Baldaçara, Amanda de Gouvêa Pettersen, Verônica da Silveira Leite, Flávia Ismael, Carolina Pereira Motta, Railson Alves Freitas, Nicoli Abrão Fasanella, Lucas Alves Pereira, Maria Elisa Lima Barros, Leonardo Barbosa, Ana Luiza Silva Teles, Ruy Palhano, Helio Penna Guimaraes, Maria Aparecida Braga, João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia, Carla Bicca, Analice Gligliotti, Ana Cecilia Petta Roseli Marques, Antônio Geraldo da Silva

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To present the Brazilian Psychiatric Association's Consensus for the Management of Acute Intoxication.

A group of experts selected by the Brazilian Psychiatric Association searched for articles in the MEDLINE (by PubMed) and Cochrane Database, limited to human studies and acute intoxication. Groups reviewed these materials for appropriateness to the topic and the quality of the work. To perform a table of agreed recommendations at the end of the systematic review, a survey using the Delphi method was conducted. Three survey rounds were conducted to develop a consensus.

Support for intoxication may start with Initial Management: Resuscitation/Life Support/Differential Diagnosis. For that, the group proposed these orders of assessment: A (airway), B (breathing), C (circulation), D.1. (disability), D.2. (differential diagnosis), D.3. (decontamination), D.4. (drug antidotes), E (enhanced elimination). Then, the group of experts presented specific interventions for the main drugs of abuse.

The approach to intoxication with drugs of abuse is complex and requires systematic protocols. The group of experts suggested the adoption of the classic use in welcoming the patient of the A-B-C-D-E technique with constant investigation of this patient until reaching a specific conduct and with the support to remit the picture. The group of experts believes that this document, at this time, can help psychiatric, general, and emergency doctors deal with psychiatric emergency episodes due to acute intoxication.


Poisoning, emergencies, drug abuse, detoxification, acute intoxication

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