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Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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Relationship between psychopathology and binge size in binge eating spectrum disorders

Carla Mourilhe Silva, Gloria Valeria da Veiga, Carlos Eduardo de Moraes, Ronir Raggio Luiz, Phillipa Hay, Jose Carlos Appolinario

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Food intake during binge eating episodes has been found to be associated with symptoms of depression and anxiety in individuals with eating disorders.

To evaluate the association between caloric intake during binge eating episodes (BEE) and psychopathology in individuals with binge eating spectrum disorders (BSD).

One-hundred and fourteen outpatients diagnosed with bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorder were sequentially assessed. MINI PLUS was used to assess psychiatric  diagnoses. Validated self-report instruments were used to assess general and eating-related psychopathology. The assessment of caloric consumption during BEE was performed through Dietpro Clinical Program. Data analysis was performed with independent Student's t test, effect size (Cohen's d) and Pearson's correlation.

Participants with BSD comorbid with a depressive disorder consumed significantly more calories during BEE than those without depression. Furthermore, participants with BSD and higher levels of impulsivity had a greater caloric intake during the episode. Specifically, regarding BN, participants with greater disease severity consumed more calories  during the episode than those with less severity.

Overall, depression and high impulsivity were associated with a higher caloric intake during BEE in individuals with BSD. For those with BN, the disease severity was associated with greater caloric consumption during the episode. Our results support the relevance of early identification of psychiatric comorbidities and the implementation of strategies to control mood and impulsivity aiming at a better prognosis in the treatment of BSD.


Binge eating size, psychopathology, eating disorders, binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa

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