Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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The role of Parental Emotional Health and Parenting Practices in Offspring Mental Health

Larissa Hallal Ribas, Rafaela Soares Villar

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In the family social environment, children can experience and observe stressful situations, involving mental health and parental practices. The review by Mendes-Sousa et al. examines the relation between family stress, child development, and offspring mental health. Of the main results, we highlight the relationship between maternal depression with developmental delays and child internalizing and externalizing symptoms. Furthermore, negative parenting practices were also related to children's emotional and behavioral problems, while positive practices were beneficial to the socio-emotional development of offspring. The review warns about preventing socio-emotional problems in offspring, through promoting parental mental health, positive parenting practices, and cohesive family environments. Finally, we envision a significant path for subsequent research on maternal emotional overload and the central role of mothers in caring for their offspring, exploring shared care for children and potential public policies aimed at mothers' mental health and social inclusion.


Parenting, mental health, child behavior, child psychiatry, child psychology

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