Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 35, Issue 3, 2013

35(3), 2013

DSM-5: what is new and what is next? Luis A. Rohde; Marcia Kauer-Sant'Anna

Atypical antipsychotics in the treatment of pathological aggression in children and adolescents: literature review and clinical recommendations Eduardo Henrique Teixeira; Antonio Jacintho; Heloisa Valler Celeri; Paulo Dalgalarrondo

Review Article
The Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) in Brazil: a systematic review André Rutz; Amer Cavalheiro Hamdan; Melissa Lamar

Original Article
Cross-cultural adaptation and preliminary psychometric properties of the Affective Reactivity Index in Brazilian Youth: implications for DSM-5 measured irritability Diogo Araújo DeSousa; Argyris Stringaris; Ellen Leibenluft; Silvia Helena Koller; Gisele Gus Manfro; Giovanni Abrahão Salum
Beginning and end of treatment of patients who dropped out of psychoanalytic psychotherapy Simone Isabel Jung; Fernanda Barcellos Serralta; Maria Lucia Tiellet Nunes; Cláudio Laks Eizirik
Cultural aspects in dementia: differences in the awareness of Brazilian caregivers Raquel L. Santos; Maria F. B. de Sousa; Ana C. Ganem; Thais V. Silva; Marcia C. N. Dourado
Translation, adaptation, and preliminary validation of the Brazilian version of the Behavior Problems Inventory (BPI-01) Gisele da Silva Baraldi; Johannes Rojahn; Alessandra Gotuzo Seabra; Luiz Renato Rodrigues Carreiro; Maria Cristina Triguero Veloz Teixeira
Assessment of changes in nicotine dependence, motivation, and symptoms of anxiety and depression among smokers in the initial process of smoking reduction or cessation: a short-term follow-up study Luciana Rizzieri Figueiró; Cassandra Borges Bortolon; Mariana Canellas Benchaya; Nadia Krubskaya Bisch; Maristela Ferigolo; Helena Maria Tannhauser Barros; Denise Conceição Mesquita Dantas
Who are the children and adolescent patients of a national referral service of eating disorders in Brazil?: a cross-sectional study of a clinical sample Vanessa Dentzien Pinzon; Gizela Turkiewicz; Denise Oliveira Monteiro; Priscila Koritar; Bacy Fleitlich-Bilyk

Brief Communication
Twenty years of electroconvulsive therapy in a psychiatric unit at a university general hospital Amilton dos Santos Jr.; Maitê Cruvinel Oliveira; Tiago dos Santos Andrade; Rosana Ramos de Freitas; Cláudio Eduardo Muller Banzato; Renata Cruz Soares de Azevedo; Neury José Botega

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