Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 36, Issue 3, 2014

36(3), 2014

Review Article
Tourette's syndrome and associated disorders: a systematic review Bárbara R. Ferreira; J. L. Pio-Abreu; Cristina Januário
Impact of physical exercise on quality of life of older adults with depression or Alzheimer's disease: a systematic review Bianca Boscarino Tavares; Helena Moraes; Andrea Camaz Deslandes; Jerson Laks

Original Article
Weight regain among women after metabolic and bariatric surgery: a qualitative study in Brazil Ataliba de Carvalho Jr.; Egberto Ribeiro Turato; Elinton Adami Chaim; Ronis Magdaleno Jr.
Dysfunctional family environments and childhood psychopathology: the role of psychiatric comorbidity Suzielle M. Flores; Giovanni A. Salum; Gisele G. Manfro
Aggressive behavior during the first 24 hours of psychiatric admission Vitor Crestani Calegaro; Amanda Bolson Dotto; Denise Freitas; Anderson Barcellos Brum; Andrei Garziera Valerio; Christina Chitolina Schetinger; Angelo B. M. Cunha
Measures of cognitive reserve in Alzheimer's disease Margarida Sobral; Maria Helena Pestana; Constança Paúl

Brief Communication
Profile of patients treated with malariotherapy in a psychiatric hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil: a historical note Guilherme Astor Torres; Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes; Edson Medeiros Cheuiche; Luiz Gustavo Guilhermano

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