Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 37, Issue 4, 2015

37(4), 2015

Does your patient meet criteria? Reflection on contemporary psychiatric practice Marco Antônio Brasil; Fábio Lopes Rocha; Mário Eduardo Pereira; Marcelo P. Fleck; Marco Antônio Bessa; Neury Botega; Luiz Alberto Hetem;

Review Article
Crisis interventions in online psychological counseling Juliana Amaral Medeiros da Silva; Gerson Siegmund; Juliana Bredemeier
Attentional bias modification based on visual probe task: methodological issues, results and clinical relevance Fernanda Machado Lopes; Keitiline R. Viacava; Lisiane Bizarro
A systematic review of cognitive rehabilitation for bipolar disorder Bruno Kluwe-Schiavon; Thiago Wendt Viola; Mateus Luz Levandowski; Vanessa Rezende Bortolotto; Leo Schuch Azevedo e Souza; Saulo Gantes Tractenberg; Tárcio Soares

Original Article
Variables associated with health-related quality of life in a Brazilian sample of patients from a tertiary outpatient clinic for depression and anxiety disorders Bianca Schwab; Heloisa Silveira Daniel; Carine Lutkemeyer; João Arthur Lange Lins Neves; Louise Nassif Zilli; Ricardo Guarnieri; Alexandre Paim Diaz; Ana Maria Maykot Prates Michels
Prevalence study of compulsive buying in a sample with low individual monthly income Priscilla Lourenço Leite; Adriana Cardoso Silva
Psychosocial impact of early onset dementia among caregivers Nathália R. S. Kimura; Virgínia L. R. Maffioletti; Raquel L. Santos; Maria Alice Tourinho Baptista; Marcia C. N. Dourado
Association between inaccurate estimation of body size and obesity in schoolchildren Larissa da Cunha Feio Costa; Diego Augusto Santos Silva; Sebastião de Sousa Almeida; Francisco de Assis Guedes de Vasconcelos

Brief Communication
Brazilian Portuguese version of the CORE-OM: cross-cultural adaptation of an instrument to assess the efficacy and effectiveness of psychotherapy Márcia Rosane Moreira Santana; Marília Marques da Silva; Danielle Souza de Moraes; Cláudia Cristina Fukuda; Lucia Helena Freitas; Maria Eveline Cascardo Ramos; Heloísa Junqueira Fleury; Chris Evans
What can HPA axis-linked genes tell us about anxiety disorders in adolescents? Andressa Bortoluzzi; Carolina Blaya; Eduarda Dias da Rosa; Mariana Paim; Virgínia Rosa; Sandra Leistner-Segal; Gisele Gus Manfro

Trends Psychiatry Psychother

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